How AI leads to greater confidence and consistency

Now more than ever, it’s critical for consumers to trust that businesses will do what they say they’re going to do. 

This consistency enables consumers to trust the many businesses they patronize. It gives consumers peace of mind, and it frees them from worrying about whether their favorite businesses are doing work right.

In short, consistency breeds confidence.

We deliver this consistency with the help of artificial intelligence, which many call AI. This technology is foundational in what we call the Confidence Cloud, which is where we process requests to confirm that tasks have been completed satisfactorily. Once we’ve verified completion, we publish a Badge of Confidence, which provides authenticity and assurance that work was done right. More on that next week.


Why we use AI

We humans are incredible creatures but we’re not perfect. Sometimes we’re forgetful. Sometimes we’re careless. Sometimes we’re sloppy. And sometimes, for whatever random reasons, we just don’t do the things we’re supposed to do the ways we’re supposed to do them.

Misfiring on any one of these variables can lead to quality assurance issues, poor customer service, cost increases, or potential health and safety issues where people could get hurt.

AI facilitates consistency by virtually eliminating the possibility of misfiring on the variables.

Our AI captures data on how businesses and business owners complete key tasks. Our AI requires that these businesses and business owners complete them satisfactorily before receiving a certificate of completion. In doing this, our AI engine makes consistency part of the process. With our AI in the mix, there’s no question about the outcome of a particular task. The result will be the same, time and time again.


How it works

We can’t share every detail of how our AI works; many of those details are proprietary. What we can tell you is that our system hinges on pictures—specifically the pixels that comprise them.

When business owners first sign up with Confidence, we have them take pictures to define the way they want work done, what we call the expected state. These images are examined by the Confidence Cloud as evidence of what the tasks look like when they’ve been completed appropriately. We add other images of similar situations so our AI engine has more context and can distinguish effects such as shadowing, glare, dust or mist.

Every time one of our customers uploads an image for verification, the AI automatically scrutinizes the image at the pixel level, comparing and contrasting new images to that baseline image and the other images in the Confidence cloud. If enough of the points match, the engine recommends the work to be approved..

The process doesn’t stop there. Once our AI engine recommends an approval, the business owner or manager must go in and approve the work. 


Practice makes (closer to) perfect

What makes our AI engine so dynamic is that its knowledge base grows as our company grows. Every time one of our customers uploads a picture for verification, our engine learns more about that particular type of situation, sharpening its ability to compare and contrast pixels to the original and its ability to detect outliers that might suggest a task is incomplete.

In the event that our system isn’t sure what to make of a particular image, the AI engine kicks it back to the humans for direction. The technology asks, “Is this OK?” In this sense, we have humans teaching our technology; this is known as “humans in the loop.”

Whichever way the human answers, the system is better for the exchange, increasing its knowledge all the while.

Put differently, the more data our AI engine processes, the better it gets at learning from it.


The bottom line

Naturally, this consistency and commitment to the process of learning elicits trust. That trust brings great value—both for consumers and businesses alike.  

At Confidence, we leverage AI to capture the most comprehensive database of work getting done, and we constantly refine our process to deliver on the consistency of people doing it right. For this reason, AI isn’t only a part of our approach; it’s a partner. And that’s good for everyone involved. 

We look forward to having you join us on our journey!

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