Confidence® Begins with People

Leo Rocco is a global product development expert and pioneer in mobile commerce and payments. Throughout his 25 year career Rocco has been at the center of transforming the way people do things. He has designed, written code, set up and led global teams ranging in size from two to thousands of people. In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rocco founded Confidence Systems (, the Get-work-done-right platform, that makes completing tasks more efficient, consistent, and transparent so businesses can thrive – reimagining the traditional checklists. He currently serves as the company’s Chairman & CEO.

Before Confidence, Rocco led product development and digital transformation at Fiserv, a 50,000 person, $100 billion financial technology company. In this role he was responsible for powering the technology stack to drive $6 trillion of annual payment volume and reimagined the customer onboarding experience – so merchants can be signed up, credit checked and approved, and processing payments in less than 1 hour – a process that originally took 72 hours.  Prior to joining Fiserv, he led the digital transformations in payments through GoPago, a company funded by JP Morgan; where Rocco and his team were the first to create the ability to order and pay on the smartphone at local businesses and were the first to offer this capability at Starbucks (~32 Million people order a coffee using the Starbucks mobile app annually). He eventually sold the company to Amazon.

Rocco is a venture advisor at Stanford’s Venture Studio program, where he lectures and advises students on starting, operating, growing and selling a company. He is the author of “Winning @ Product Development” a no-nonsense, scalable approach to product development. Finally, Rocco is the founder of the foundation. a philanthropic initiative under R5Labs designed to inspire more young people to embrace STEM.